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Distortion is one of the core aspects of DMC4 speedrun. It was initially discovered in the original release of Devil May Cry 4 and considered a bug until Capcom released a patch on PC and Distortion was left in the game.

General Notes

  • Only Dante and Vergil can use trick.
  • If DT is used during the active frames of any hit, that hit becomes Distorted, and deals more damage.
  • Depending on the state Human to Devil and vice-versa, player can get either more damage, or get some DT back.
  • The timing on Full House differs slightly between Vanilla game and Special Edition.


  • Pretty much any of the boss fight where moves like Real Impact and Rising Dragon trivializes the fight.
  • Dante uses this trick the most in regular fights with Distorted Full House into Straight to kill Scarecrows fast. Mission 15 heavily relies on this.

Video Demonstration