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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Human is the preferred difficulty ?

DmC and DMC5 are the only games that breaks the tradition of Normal difficulty being the main category. Devil Hunter does not change the AI nor the spawns like DMC1. All it does is increase health of everything. Therefore, community came into conclusion that Human simply has better pacing and strategies for this run overall.

I can't seem to do boss strats properly ?

This because your style meter lacks S rank, which makes the character stronger and increases the damage by 20%.

You arrive at the two elemental knights in M5 and restart from checkpoint. Why do you do this?

The Warehouse Fight Skip prevents the fight from ending even if you defeat both of them, and resetting fixes that.

What's the best version to run ?

Depends on the player's comfortability, some factors are:

  • Original game has extra points to start with and stronger Demon Evade.
  • Definitive Edition has stable 60fps turbo function and better controls but, it has different strategies that vanilla players needs to adapt.

DMD is only accessible in NG+ ?

Yes, the game only allows you to play Human, Devil Hunter or Nephilim from a fresh file.

What's the best Turbo Controller or Attachment for Infinite Climb in Definitive Edition ?

Without customizable turbo (usually only on turbo controllers instead of back attachments), turbo for infinite climb is totally useless. If you do this trick at max speed all the time, you will never ascend past like, triple jump height.

This means you will have to look at controllers or back attachments with customizable turbo settings. Magic Pack PS4 Controller Encoder (by MAYFLASH) is one good example.

Why Vergil's Downfall lacks No Major Glitches Category ?

At the moment, only original game has it due it's recent OoB findings. These skips are yet to be tested and applied in Definitive Edition.

Why does the DT drains fast ?

The original design for the DT had it draining more if you were on the ground, and less if you were in the air. This idea is scrapped but never fixed the extra drain, which is why DT drains so fast in this game.