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Infinite Climb

Infinite Climb

Infinite Climb also known as Infinite Jump is a repetitive motion where player can and gain as much height they want without any restriction. This is considered as a Major Glitch and only applied in Any% runs.

Usually, this glitch is something of a luxury in video games, and not that many games have them. However, DmC stands out from the crowd in this respect, because it has an absolutely massive catalogue of Infinite Climbs from which and where to prefrom the glitch.


  • Original Game: Obtain Eryx move Stomp from the ability list shop.
  • Definitive Edition: Eryx method no longer works but, it's still possible to preform it with Glide and Angel Lift at the same time. However, it requires certain rythm to be consistent at with. Therefore, Unbind and replace Gun Special with Shoot to make the execution much easier.

How to perform

  • Original Game: While in mid-air Hold Demon Mode → Stomp → Tap Angel Lift → Tap Stomp → Tap Angel Lift → …
  • Definitive Edition: While in mid-air Hold Angel mode + Shoot + Jump ….


  • Mission 7 - To skip all the fight encounters from the 2nd fight till the end mission.
  • Mission 8 - To immediately reach Phineas's eye at the start of the mission. However, this forces Dante to do another climb at the end of Mission for alternative exit. Because, the first area of the map is not loaded.
  • Mission 11 - Performed after Major Wall Clip. This allows Dante to reach final wave in Mission 11. Skipping all other major fights and cutscene.