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Infinite Glide

Infinite Glide

Infinite Glide is an iconic DmC glitch where Dante is able to do an Angel Glide as long as the player desires. It's a tremendously useful and fast moving style, and it also allows player to reach many places in the game that developers never intended them to reach. If Dante continues Gliding for long enough and hits the level boundary that kills him, he may have a chance to escape this softlock after all. Players can continue or quit from the Game Over-screen and don’t have to reset the entire system to proceed.

DT makes all Dante's actions a little faster, and this includes Infinite Gliding.


  • This glitch is patched at the moment and only works in fresh install from the PC retail disc. Players must downpatch to access this glitch.
  • New Game+ can access this right off the bat. New Game will have to wait until Mission 3.

How to perform

There are many methods to perform this glitch.

Explanation for each methods


This glitch has one main side effects which can be applied almost the entire run of Any%. There are about 10 Missions in New Game as it can be checked in the current best segmented times. New Game+ has 4 more extras in the early missions.

You can pass through a set of walls by just Gliding towards them. Once Dante's momentum occurs, his movements become more drastic and big, and if there happens to be even a tiny structural weakness in the wall, the game's pathfinding mathematics may insert Dante through it. Although, the players will have to check at what height they can start the Glide. If player start a Glide from the top of the room, the game will attempt to keep Dante at that height, changing his patterns accordingly as he zips around. So try out different heights when trying to pass through a wall.

Other Notes

There is a glitch related to this that is called Infinite Slide. This glitch works on patched game including Definitve Edition. To perform: Charge a shot and boost into a wall at an angle. Once you see the slide happen, release charge shot before it reaches a full charge. The Condition is that the wall must be flat but, there are flat walls where you're not allowed to slide.

Although, there are no good application for this glitch in a run yet.