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Best Segmented Times

- Work in Progress -

In this page, you can find the best IGT times achieved in each of the 20 missions in DmC Dante as well as Vergil in both editions. This is meant to be a resource for folks who want to improve their times and want to learn the strategies to complete missions quickly. Barring RNG, it also acts as a Proof of Concept of how fast each mission can be pushed down to with the currently known strategies. Some notes:

  • Most lists were compiled through current and past PBs of WR holders of this game.
  • The IGT is displayed at the end of the Mission Screen. However, Vanilla uses LRT instead due to the uncapped frames.
Some rules:
  • Needs to display the end mission screen for the timer as it's the most reliable source for the true frame count.
  • Has to follow the current WR's route, so items like HW's can't be used anywhere the current WR route didn't, and orb crystals must be picked up, etc.