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Special Vanilla
Devil May Cry 4
Main platforms PC
PS3/XBox 360
Timing RTA
Framerate PC - 120
PS3/XBox 360 - 60

Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4 is a 2008 action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom. It was remastered in 2015 as Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, featuring new playable characters and polished gameplay. This wiki focuses mainly on the Special Edition version.

Note: The World Record Progression / best segemented time is shared with both releases. This wiki focuses mainly on the Special Edition version. Note: The World Record Progression and the best segemented time is shared with both releases.

Leaderboards & Categories

You will have a choice between these characters Nero/Dante, Vergil and Lady/Trish then pick their respective categories:

  • New Game - Beats the game as fast as possible from a new file.
  • New Game+ - Beats the game as fast as possible from a cleared file.

In Vanilla, you can use the items which is avaliable on Nero/Dante only. Special Edition New Game+ is categorized as No Items.

Getting Started

  • Visit the Getting Started page for information on how to get started with DMC4 speedrunning.
  • Refer to the General Rules for rules that apply to all categories of DMC4 speedrunning.
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding methods and strategies used in DMC4 speedruns.

Information & Utilities

Boss Strategies


DMC4 heavily relies on adaptability, rather than having a set amount of things player do over and over. Following lists shows important strats that are most often used in the speedruns.

  • Common Skips - Important sequence breaks for each missions.
  • Cancel - Cancel any moves no matter the situation.
  • Reversal - Ignore enemies target during movement section.
  • Camera Trick - Manipulate enemy behaviour by putting them off-screen.


  • Exceed - Tapping Exceed button right after the hit connects awards you with EX-Charge.
  • Devil Shot - Detonate CS'3 on multiple enemies.
  • Infinite Max-bet - indefinite usage of Maximum Bet

Dante / Vergil

  • Distorting - Allows to DT to multiply damage when used during the attack animation.
  • Just Frame Attacks - Releasing charge-based Yam/Gilga/Beo attacks at a proper timing increases the damage done.


(These rules apply to all DMC4 speedrun categories. Each category also has its own set of rules in addition to the one listed here.)

  • PC runs are ranked by Load Time Removal (LRT) while Console are Real Time Attack (RTA).
  • In Vanilla, the offical run time is counted as the Real Time Attack (RTA).
  • Submissions must contain all footage for the run provided. Menu/Difficulty selection must be included at the beginning of the video.
  • Vergil and Lady/Trish runs must use the modified save file to skip the tutorial segment. Their runs also require FPS to be displayed and must be visible enough. Steam overlay or Rivatuner.
  • Vergil and Lady/Trish runs must display RTA and LRT timer. This is mainly due to how the timer freezes visually. Any time they perform Alt + Enter skip tricks, the timer must be running on-screen. If they don't do this, or don't have a timer on their screen, run will be rejected.
  • Any modifications to the game that affect the gameplay itself is not allowed.

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