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"Here you can find the current status of the website it will be updated as we complete a page as well as list of things that needs to be done. For support inquiries or any inquiries about DMCSpeedrun Archive, please contact LonerHero on Discord."
General Content
  • End-Goal Implement point based board by fetching DMC runners data from
  • back burner Fix iPad Divinity Statue Icon menu
  • back burner Loading bar so, the users know when the page is loaded
  • Priority Work in Progress: Uploading Sum of Best videos into YouTube database
  • Filled Marathon List and Special Event in Community page. Will have to format better later
  • All World Record Data are fetched. Currently, polishing WR pages for each games
  • Optimizing CSS. Especially with the table display on mobile
  • Implementing design view for the Marathon table.
  • WR Progression is work in progress. Need to work on live update method.
  • DMC Terms incomplete
Current Completed Games
  • DMC1 - DMC2 - Reboot
  • Most of changes will be either typo, link fix and such.
  • Additional Information may be added if something is missing.
Devil May Cry 3
  • MUST DIE strategies for each bosses are outdated. They are going to be updated and polished when necessary.
  • Enemy database being filled as we double check through resources and in-game.
  • Rank Criteria check for the rest of difficulty.
  • Check if there is Official Guide Book for Special Edition release specifically.
Devil May Cry 4
  • Create and Finish Boss Strategies section
  • Need damage and style point values for every character's move list
  • Compile Best Segemented time for Lady/Trish
  • Need more comprehensive resource such as Official Guide Book CAPCOM Game Strategy JAPAN.
DmC: Devil May Cry
  • Review it's Speedrun History
  • Tutorial playlist for Infinite Glides Skips
  • Compile Best Segemented time. Any% for Definitive Edition. No Major Glitches for Vanilla.
Devil May Cry 5
  • Create and Finish Boss Strategies section
  • Need damage and style point values for vergil's move list
  • Compile Best Segemented time.