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- This is wiki's sandbox for filling most DMC terms to fill and defines an abbreviation or an acronym. Therefore, Work in Progress -


IGT: Devil May Cry runs on an In-Game Timer which keeps track of the time you are “inside of the game”, meaning whenever you are outside of the actual game, like in the RESET Menu, the timer will pause and resume when you are back in the game. Players commonly mention and check this at the end-mission screen to determine whether their segment was good or bad.

DT: Stands for Devil Trigger and is used to transform dante into a demon, boosting his various stats depending on the equipment. While using Alastor, movement speed and attack speed increased, and the sword attack deals more damage. On the other hand, using ifrit only increases the damage output. Gunfire from weapons other than Nightmare-β charged with a respective elemental boost. In Dante Must Die mode, Devil Trigger does not restore health.

Runes: Devil Trigger in DMC1 often abbreviated as Runes, shows how much DT energy the character has. The runes can be seen below the vitality gauge. The player can extend the runes by buying Purple Orbs, allowing them to maintain their form for a longer period of time.

SB: Stands for Special Bonus and is a bonus that you receive at the end of the missions by meeting four conditions: Getting the present of Red Orbs, beating the mission within the timelimit, not receiving any damage and not using excessive items. The bonus is a reward of 2,000.

RNG: Stands for Random Number Generator and is based on whatever events are randomly generated in the game. An event being everything like an enemy animation, attack, spawn or game behavior. The term applies a lot for Devil May Cry is important in a way because of the nature of enemies and bosses which have patterns that are considered good RNG and bad RNG. Patterns that allows you to kill within few seconds are considered good. Patterns that takes you longer to kill are considered bad.

iFrames: Stands for Invincibility Frames and are commonly referred to the amount of frames in which the player is invincible, for example holy water animation.


Taunt - Taunting will give you about 1,5 blocks of Devil Trigger gauge and increases your style, thus increasing your Orb reward.

JC -€ Jump Cancelling Essentially allows you to infinitely juggle or attack a stationary foe by cancelling out the recovery animation of an aerial attack with a jump. Very useful against everything except Enigmas, Dullahans and the Fallen. All regular enemies except Queen Arachne/Dullahan can be JC'd.

DTE -€ Devil Trigger Explosion Charging the stocks of the Devil Trigger to release a massive explosion that damages all foes or bosses. More stocks being charged is equal to more damage, hence why upgrading purple orbs are so important.

SC - Switch Cancel General term for both Melee Switch and Gun Cancel.

MS -€ Melee Switch You can switch weapons mid-combat to combo weapons together, for example you can combo one attack from Rebellion and one from A&R repeatedly for good and fast damage. Helps to cancel out recovery frames after each combo.

GC - Gun Cancel (outdated) Especially useful in the later stages of the game where you can cancel the reload animation of the Spiral or Kalina Ann by switching back and forth constantly between Ebony and Ivory and the aforementioned weapons.

Guard Cancelling Cancelling any move, usually melee attacks or Shotgun, Spiral or Kalina Ann's recovery with Royalguard.

IC - Infinite Combo There are loads of times when you can IC in the game. For example, JC is a form of an IC but often times is penalizing because repeated attacks make your stylish meter drop. However, this is not an issue in a speedrun of the game, only at the start. Another form of infinites which doesn't penalize you is switching out between weapons constantly after each combo is complete.

EL - Enemy Launcher Essentially, R1 whilst holding back and then pressing the melee attack button will launch an enemy into the air. Following this whilst holding triangle will also launch the player in the air.

EJ -€ Enemy Juggling After successfully performing an Enemy Launcher w/ player, you can infinitely combo enemies in the air through the use of JC with weapons like Cerberus and Agni and Rudra.

RC - Roll Charge If you successfully manage to roll at the correct moment, Dante will gain extra DT. Useful in boss fights, like Nevan.

Auto-parry Some enemies like Hell Vanguards, Arachnes, Dullahans and bosses (Vergil) automatically parry your moves at certain times and will attack you with frame advantage. The easiest way to deal with this is parrying or releasing their attack.

Stinger Slide Sliding off an edge using the Stinger for great distance. With DT you can slide off some specific spots, like stairs.

Reverse Stinger Pressing slash and lock-on in quick succession will allow you to Stinger to any direction you wish.

Reverse Release The Release can be used against enemies that are all around you. Useful for any crowded situation and Leviathan.

Thumb rolling Rolling your thumb from one face button to another to consistently do something like shoot + aerial move with A&R (requires button order from top to bottom, like Triangle → Square. This allows you to do fast consistent aerials without JC.

Cutscene-movement A glitch where you can move during a cutscene by attacking with keyboard (PC only). This doesn't work on the newest Style Switcher (3), which is why I use 2.4.3. which is available at [insert link here]

Enemy despawning Occupy the same hitbox as a spawning enemy to make them despawn (can work by just hitting them once without being close). Especially useful for Hell Vanguards (M2, M11, M14). Works most often on the first Lust in M1. This is not consistent.

Wave despawning Kill all 3 enemies that are on screen simultaneously or within quick succession to make the next wave not appear. Works mostly on Temperance Wagon.

Zip glitch In M4 you can perform a Gold Release in Incandescent Space on the left fence timed to a Gluttony's attack to go through the wall and then run to pick up the Astronomical Board and end the mission. If you aim at the Gluttony on the top-right, you will always have the right angle, but you must also stand so that nothing blocks your zip. It can be tried indefinitely as long as you are hit by the sand blast and reverse Release if the original target moves. In M9 you can Gold Release on the stairs in Subground Water Vein using the Enigma's arrows. If you aim at the Enigmas on the other side and align your aimed Ebony & Ivory below the dark line on the wall, you will teleport to the other side. Difficult to pull off and the best chance for it is at the very beginning since the Enigma will shoot at you. For this I want about 5-6 stocks of DT to run there. I will probably only go for it if the run is not very good.

Orb reward from missions is Orbs + Rank bonus (+ Boss bonus). The time, damage taken and overall style affect Rank bonus.

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