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The following is a list of champions, along with runner-ups and semifinalists, within the DMCSpeedruns Series. Only the top 8 are included. Additional details are available in the individual event by year.

Devil May Cry 1 - 2020 Championship

Devil May Cry 1 - 2021 Championship

Devil May Cry 3 - Peak of Darkness 2021

Devil May Cry 1 - 2023 Championship

Special Events & Races

Following list is a Special Events & Races that are arranged by the DMCSpeedrun Community. Some are hosted by the biggest video game marathon events such as Games Done Quick. To view other Speedrunning event apperance, visit History & Leaderboards under the respective game.

Organizer Event Language VoD
Reddit May Cry Charity Stream III DMC3-4 Marathon by LonerHero ENG - US
ARPGME 2018 Mekarazium vs. PvtCb in DMC4:SE Race - NG Nero/Dante Devil Hunter ENG - US
RTA in Japan 2020 zeromodoki vs. yamanaru in DMC5 Race - NG+ Faustless Devil Hunter JP
SpeedDocsAThon 2021 Mekarazium vs. R3NZERO in DMC4:SE Race - NG Nero/Dante Devil Hunter ENG - US
DMCSpeedruns SpenceSpeedruns vs. Yang vs. TheScruffington in DMC1 Annual All Collectibles Race - 2022 ENG - US
DMCSpeedruns JJToro vs. AnemoneV2 in DmC: Definitive Edition Race - NG No Major Glitches ENG - US
DMCSpeedruns Devil May Cry Series Speedrun Relay Race 2022 ENG - US
GDQ Hotfix 2023 Devil May Cry Anniversaries special ENG - US
DMCSpeedruns LonerHero vs. SpenceSpeedruns in DMC2 20th Anniversary Speedrun Race ENG - US
DMCSpeedruns Waifu vs. Yang vs. SpenceSpeedruns vs. xFi3RY in DMC1 Annual All Collectibles Race - 2023 ENG - US
Out With A Yang SpenceSpeedruns vs. ISH vs. Flennils vs. xFi3RY in DMC1 Annual All Collectibles Race - 2024 ENG - US