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Be quite familiar with the game, its mechanics and the mission layouts. Do not start after only one playthrough which is the most difficult in DMC4. The run difference between each characters are significant and are hard to be consistent at especially with Nero and Dante. The further you progress as you keep playing DMC4, you'll find yourself get in a very long ride.

The excessive resets can be one big issue for most players Especially for early missions, in which can be difficult to go through with no damage requirement pressure after getting hit from Mission 1 and 2 bosses. Therefore, take your time and refer to different perspectives over what to do and whatnot. Do not focus too on one thing which can burn you out very fast. Make your own theory-crafting strategies and get familiar with the Terminologies and safe methods that are used during the runs.

In the following sections, you will find important concepts and information that you may find useful for starting out with DMC4 Speedrunning.


Resources to Speedrun Devil May Cry 4

  • A Keyboard or Controller. Most DMC speedrunners prefer controller, commonly Xbox or PlayStation controllers. In DMC4, top player used Keyboard due it's preference, ease of Speed maintenance and mashing Echidna's Buster Sequence. Controllers struggles on keeping Speed because of the camera switches per room. Although, it is up to the player in the end.
  • Timer / Split Program. The most common used is LiveSplit.
  • For PC runners, autosplitter and LRT is integrated into LiveSplit. This must be enabled as it requires downpatching to work.
  • Follow this page on how to set up a layout for your runs.

Choosing a Category & Route

  • You can refer to the main categories here and make your choice.
  • The choice of the character is up to personal preference. There are no right answer for which is better for the beginners. Each characters reaches the same diffculity at certain barrier.
  • Starting with the fastest route is not always good idea, as these routes often require a high execution level and tend to be very punishing. Look around the category pages and pick carefully. However, in the end, it is all about overall improvement, which you can achieve via any route.

Tips & Tricks

  • It's very easy to get distracted with early game perfection. Do not focus on that, espically when it comes to No Damage Requirements.
  • Camera Trick is very important in the run as some setups require proper camera management to control enemies behaviour.
  • Take advantage of DMC4 Tools and use Area Jump from the Super Trainer or Cheat Table feature to amplify Your improvements on certain segments.
  • Instead of practicing just one single mission or one single skip, divide your time between all the things you'd want to practice and do that all together.
  • If you struggle with a skip during a run, finish the run, then practice that particular skip.
  • It is good idea to take some break so every 3-4 weeks of grinding the game.
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions for general information regarding the speedrun.