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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dante and Nero feels better to play in Vanilla. Why Special Edition ?

Because it's vastly different with upgrade routes and movements. Some major notes are:

  • Speed takes less steps to activate
  • Higher Proud Soul reward
  • Can move Gyro Blades before it can finish the active animation
  • Rebalances such as buffed CS Damage

In Special Edition, do I have to delete Save File each time I reset ?

No, you could make the save file read-only which is located in Documents\CAPCOM\DEVILMAYCRY4SPECIALEDITION\ This will pervent the game overwriting the file each time it attempts to auto-save.

Some of the Room Clears doesn't make sense

Majority of the strats for this game rely on just playing well enough. Which means, at one point you will probably theorycraft something that won't lose time, compared to the strats and cycles seen in the runs.

Is this game RNG heavy ?

At certain point yes, DMC4 will become a dynamic run that requires runner to adapt several situation. Bianco Angelo in Mission 6 is a good example.

Are there any alternatives to Just Frame Gilgamesh ?

  • Prop → RI, Straight + Reb 1-2-3, Pin-Ups.
  • Quick Drive or Distortion
  • Keep in mind that Just Frame Gilga is still important to master as it will shave over 2 minutes.

Why is the Window fight not available at Boss Stratgies section ?

  • Because that boss is just RNG fiesta.
  • Nero and Lady just prays for good Gladius pattern.
  • Nero can enhance the damage by detonating Gladius with CS'3 before Buster but, that case is very rare and is mostly effective on Son of Sparda or MUST DIE mode.
  • Vergil no longer fights the boss due to the recent OoB glitch. He used to exploit the boss with DT where hitting Gladius during that form always makes them impale the window this can be done with Lunar Phase in one shot.
  • What's more interesting is that at 120 FPS you tend to get slower fights, while at 60 you're getting more damage, but will lose around 20s due to the menu.

What weapons do you use as Dante ?

  • Mostly Reb as it has fast and good damage and Stinger for movement
  • Gilga is used for Just Charges
  • SM is the most used style for damage on demand like Real Impact or Prop/Shredder
  • His DT during the attack animation gives him a boost of damage. This is known as Distorting
  • Lucifer is used as a back-up scenario for quick damage Pin-ups or Ecstasy free parry
  • RG is severally nerfed as it takes longer to build rage-meter. Although, Guard cancelling can still be utilized