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Common Skips

DMC4 has many sequence to break due to properties like Inertia. This usually make the runs much more consistent by eliminating RNG factors in some fights. On the other hand, Special Edition internal workrate issue broke the game further with characters entering OoB. This is possible with Alt + Enter (also known as full-screen mode) which causes the game to drop enough FPS before using Air Trick or StarFall to clip through certain environment.

This page lists all usable skips that are done in a run.

Main Skips

Alt+Enter Skips

  • M3 - Grand Hall Skip
  • M4 - Gyro Blade Skip
  • M6 - Game Room & Window Skip
  • M7 - Ruined Valley Skip
  • M8 - Ruined Church Skip
  • M10 - Faust & Laser Skip
  • M13 - All Skip