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DmC: Devil May Cry went through massive changes from Vanilla to Definitive Edition. (1) Although, this edition is only avaliable to PS4/Xbox One gen console. DLC contents are also available immediately such as:

  • Vergil's Downfall
  • Dante's Bloody Palace - unlocked after completing Dante's campaign
  • 3x Dante skins
  • 3x Dante weapon skins
  • Item finder - can be purchased in the item shop for red orbs

New Features from Definitive Edition

Turbo Mode

Capcom couldn't support this at 30fps from PS3/Xbox360 because strike frames were getting dropped (PC fps is uncapped). DE runs 60Hz which makes it possible to include it.
  • Game runs 20% faster
  • Toggle-able in all difficulties, and in tandem with other modifiers (like HCM or Must Style Mode)

Hardcore Mode

The hardest felt changes in this mode are those to the style system. Getting a SSS, and keeping it, is a lot more difficult in Hardcore Mode. DT also throws-back to original DMC with HCM active, so the player will need to stay on their toes after activating it.

Creates an experience that still Ninja Theory’s DmC, but with a bit of a throwback to the classic DMC in terms of balance

Target Lock

This is one of the most requested features. Developers were always keen on adding it to the original game, but for a whole bunch of reasons never got the chance to.
  • Hold to lock-on - remappable.
  • to cycle locked target - remappable.
  • Evades circle around locked enemy
  • Input for Stinger-type moves can be optionally toggled to any of the following via the options menu:
    • , +
    • + +
    • Both
  • Options to have lock-on be a toggle instead of a hold.
  • New present control maps to account for the addition of lock-on.
  • All inputs fully remappable.

Vergil Bloody Palace

Original BP was tuned specifically for Dante. DE added another BP that is tuned for Vergil.
  • 60 levels
  • Includes all Vergil enemies
  • Includes Hollow Vergil boss
  • Does not start on easy difficulty, as Dante's BP does. Instead, starts on Nephilim and increases from there.
  • 3 special waves
    • Portal arena
    • Collapsing floors
    • Vergil Swords

‘Must Style’ Modifier

This mode is tailored to combo enjoyers.
  • Must be at S rank or above to deal any damage to enemies themselves. You can, however, still damage enemy shields without S rank being active.
  • Style Rank is earned in the normal way, so attacks that are blocked will grant you no style points. This makes the Dreamrunner a particularly tricky adversary in Must Style mode, since you'll need a good strategy to get past his block, without repeating the same attacks, to get past the S rank threshold.
  • Can be played over any difficulty, and in tandem with other mods.

'Gods Must Die' Difficulty Mode

This mode is inspired for the fans from forums. Developers were originally going to remove health drops but, with the boosted damage from enemies, the health from those drops was negligible which, wasn't necessary to remove. As a result, players can still gain a little bit of health back from slugs/enemies/etc.
  • Unlocked after completing MUST DIE mode
  • Enemies spawn with DT active
  • Enemies deal 2.5x damage
  • Cannot use items.
  • Has its own rank pars and leaderboards


  • New Skins: DMC1 Dante, Classic Vergil.
  • Added ‘Friend Boards’ on the Mission Start and Complete screen so you can immediately see your friends’ scores above and below you.
  • New Cutscene between mission 15 and 16 that discloses how Kat knows the layout of Mundus' building.

Changes to the original game


  • Fixed an issue so that if the player presses the 'back'/'select' button while Dante/Vergil's movement is constrained to 'Idle', it no longer show the quick items screen.
  • Bloody Palace Fixed a bug where Style Rank wasn't resetting between waves.
  • Added 'Disable Timer' mod to Bloody Palace. Scores generated with this mod active are no elligible for leaderboards.
  • Removed Key and Door colours - any key now works in any door.
  • Credits music edited and lengthened in-line with additional credits.
  • Vergil's defeat cutscene music edit changed and lengthened in-line with new picture edit.
  • Harpy telescopic stab telegraph sfx added and additional shorter vocalisations added to same animations.
  • Up-scaled HUD elements and realigned/resized as necessary for 1080p.
  • Additions/changes to menu screens to accommodate new difficulty modes and modifiers.
  • Pause Screen now has tooltips to show which mods are enabled/disabled.
  • Moved 'Super Dante' option out of 'perks' menu, and placed it with other modifiers on the Mission Start screen.
  • Updated title screen for Definitive Edition
  • Added new loading tips

Style Bonuses

Developers wanted to reward players for doing long combo chains and award finishers properly.
  • All original DmC style bonuses removed from the game.
  • “Awesome Combo” buff added under the hood. This awards the player with a Style Rank boost when they perform an end-of-combo attack. The more hits in the combo, the higher the bonus.
  • Style bonus added for performing a parry.
  • Style bonus added for performing a last-second evade of any kind.
  • Killing an enemy now awards a percentage of their health as a Style Rank boost (invisibly)
  • Fixed a bug where Dante could be awarded the last-second-evade bonus twice from enemies who cast 2 hit boxes in a single attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Dante and Vergil were doing 20% more damage to enemies at S/SS/SSS rank, but were not gaining extra style points for it.

Style Balance

Despite HCM, developers did want to make some adjustments to the default Style System to fix exploits, increase readability, and make it as fun a challenge as possible; even for players new to the series.
  • Style Rank default decay rate increased.
  • Style Rank now decays all the way from SSS, down to D rank, then to no rank.
  • When gaining a Style Rank, the Style Rank immediately increases to a minimum of 20% into the new rank (this stops the player immediately losing a new Style Rank).
  • When losing a Style Rank, the Style Rank immediately decreases to a maximum of 80% into the new rank (this stops the Style Rank popping in and out of two ranks. Also balances the free 20% pop into a new rank).
  • After a short period of inactivity the Style Rank fades from the screen. During this time the style rank continues to decay. Anything that causes the Style Rank to increase causes it to reappear on screen.
  • While invisible the Style Rank decay rate accelerates in a linear fashion to a maximum of a rank per second.
  • Style Rank points required for ranks C, B, A and S increased slightly.
  • Style Rank points required for SS and SSS (and maximum style points) increased significantly.
  • Style Rank bonuses for being in Devil Trigger reduced slightly to 125% (down from 150%).
  • Post DT style rank buff removed from the game completely. This was too invisible the user, and didn't add any “fun/tactic” to DT use.
  • Style Rank bonuses for hitting multiple enemies reduced significantly.
  • Fixed a bug with the multiple enemy Style Rank bonus that was causing the same attack on the same enemy to increase the multiplier.
  • Repetition of attacks no longer affects the Style Points earned from that attack; only its contribution towards the Style Rank (letter).
  • Getting hit no longer resets the repetition table, only reduces the time remaining on each unique attack.
  • The size of the repetition table has been capped, only allowing a small sub-set of moves to exist on it at and one time (the number of moves allowed to exists varies from normal and HCM).


Developers want players to experience Secret Missions, because they're fun little challenges, and help train/challenge players in different tactics/weapons outside their normal personal style. Having colour coded doors and keys just felt like a barrier to accessing those mission, so they made 1 key type, and any key can open any door. They also redistributed the keys and doors, along with other collectibles, to reduce frustration in getting 100% collectibles for Mission Scores.

Mission 1 (Dante)

Mission 2 (Dante)

Mission 3 (Dante)

Mission 4 (Dante)

Mission 5 (Dante)

Mission 6 (Dante)

Mission 7 (Dante)

Mission 8 (Dante)

Mission 9 (Dante)

Mission 11 (Dante)

Mission 13 (Dante)

Mission 15 (Dante)

Mission 16 (Dante)

Mission 1 (Vergil)

Mission 2 (Vergil)

Mission 3 (Vergil)

Mission 4 (Vergil)

Mission 6 (Vergil)

Achievements / Trophies

Dante and Vergil Achievements/Trophies are now combined into one list. Therefore, the total achievement/trophy count is increased to 50 (up from 48). Additionally, the values of trophies status and Gamescore are re-evaluated to compensate for hardcore mode, bloody palace and the inclusion of the Vergil DLC.

Removed Achievements

Some Vergil's Downfall achievements are merged to the main lists

Modified Requirements

Changed description


1) DmC: Definitive Edition - Full Changelist (2015): CapcomUnity.