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Frozen Glide

Frozen Glide

Frozen Glide is a Major Glitch where Dante get stuck in a state he is transitioning from one action to another. The player isn't actually supposed to have any freedom or permission to attack. But since they do, they can keep Dante in that state and retain the movement anyway.

Any attacks will end the glitch, except the gun attacks which makes Dante shake and slowly descend. Once Dante reaches ground level, the glitch ends.

General Info

  • Gliding into a certain type of wall, enemies or NPCs, Dante will do a “bump” and the Glide ends. If you quickly try to input a Stomp during the bump, Dante becomes frozen in air in the bump pose.
  • It's possible to just Glide into any of these objects and just shoot with E&I the moment that Dante goes through the “bump” animation.
  • At the moment, the only application used for this glitch is against Phineas in Mission 9 to get Nephilim key quickly.

Video Demonstration