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Puzzle Skip

Puzzle Skip

Puzzle Skip is a major OoB glitch found by AKheon (1) This skip is used to reach at the end of Mission 12 quickly after the first mandatory fight. This skip is exclusive to the unpatched vanilla console release.


General Info

  • Ground Trick lets you slip into the crack between the wall and one of those roots that are blocking doorways. Dante's angle has to be right for this to work. Once you're inside, you quickly have to follow up with Air Trick to go all the way OoB. Otherwise you just get pushed out.
  • This is not 100% consistent, and sometimes Dante may end up stuck inside the root. In that case an Air Trick should let Dante clip back outside. It appears that while collision seems 2-sided in this game, it still responds differently to certain moves from the “wrong” side.
  • The exit corridor is almost directly underneath from where you clip out. A single dash should let you reach it. To clip back in-bounds, Air Trick is the way
  • Falling further into the exit tunnel activates an endless loading screen / softlock.