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Common Skips

DMC5 is the second game to receive many OoB skips that is similar to DmC method by Skewer Clips with V. This case is rare to DMC series since DMC3 only has Gigazip or DMC2 with EyeClip. Therefore, the run becomes more consistent by eliminating RNG factors in some fights.

This page lists all usable skips that are done in a run. The weapon icon represents the categories that are possible to perform.

Main Skips

  • M2 - Fight Skip
  • M3 - University Skip
  • M5 - V Skip
  • M7 - V Skip
  • M8 - Two Fights Skip
  • M9 - Major skips
  • M10 - Fight Skip
  • M11 - Angelo Skip
  • M12 - Gargoyle/Blood Well Skip
  • M18 - Shadow Skip