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Two Pit Skip

Two Pit Skip

Two Pit is Skip performed in any runs. It allows player to skip two fights one at the Orb Tree where the arena falls, if landed. Other is at the Blue Orb Fragment where plenty of Scudo Angelo falls into the pit. This skip was found by many players during casual playthrough. (1)

General Info

  • If fell, it's possible to use enemies as a platform and Air Hike to get through it. Otherwise, the platform will drop, and you will have to defeat enemies to move forward. Vergil can Wall Hike into Trick Up instead.
  • Nero can gain enough momentum to reach on the other side with Jocky → Air Taunt → Air Hike before Air Hike However, in NG+ EX3-Calibur → Flap Top is more than enough
  • Vergil uses SDT Air Stinger twice to reach on the otherside.
  • It's not possible to Ledge Slide with Streak or Stinger out of these platforms since the game was intending player to go down the pit.