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Subway Skip

Subway Skip

Subway Skip is OoB glitch made by remote (1) to reach end of Mission 7 sequence directly using V's Skewer wall breach tactic. This skip got faster version later on with more reliable wall breach.


  • remote shared the original skip in 2020. This method needed 2 different Skewer breach.
  • Tektheist optimized it further by finding different path to breach through the level.

Trick Requirements

To perform this trick correctly, you need the following:

  • PC runners should run the game at 120 FPS to make wall breaching more reliable.
  • Skewer

Skewer Setup

  • Break Red Orb cahce before getting V to line up.
  • Adjust shadow's position with Side Roll (Forced Move) to the left then use first two hits of Combo A preferably back claw into right claw.
  • Jump towards Shadow so it can be right behind V before attempting to Skewer
  • All you need to worry about is the direction of the spike being straight line. With careful use of lock-on, you can keep adjusting the direction if shadow is aiming at the wrong direction. Check this before attempting to breach through the wall.
  • V must stand be standing at the spike post wall breach. This depends entirely on the Air Taunt timing.
  • Each players adapted to their own method. It's advised to try DECosmic's approach which is Long Jump → Air Taunt after hearing first set of Skewer sound effect.

Out of Bound

  • There 3 important jump sequence here while going through OoB
  • First is the center hall platform into the wall pillar after running through the qliphoth root tunnel.
  • Then align on the center rubble into specifc platform to the right. You do this by doing long jump downward right with 2 mid-air Checkmate then reposition with Griffon's Hang to upward right.
  • Finally the Ladder Hoist, V has to be in specific spot and height to land on that platform therefore, visual cue required on when to breach through the tunnel. Before V reachs at the last Ladder steps, Long Jump to the right into forward Griffon Hanging

Other Notes

  • For console runners, they have to find a setup where Shadow have to aim and prepare's V to go sideways instead of forward.
  • The first jump after Skewer has soft-lock threat. V must avoid touching qliphoth otherwise player will be stuck in infinite loading loop.
  • While jumping is usually faster for V to move around, walking is a good back-up. Because, the game will save V's state on the OoB if he the player fails the first jump sequence.
  • Ladder Hoist sequence must be a non-stop jumping because walking will make V fall instead.
  • Restart Checkpoint is required at the end to get V back in-bound.

Video Demonstration

Skewer Setup

Second part of the Skip till end