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Road to Nidhogg

Road to Nidhogg

Road to Nidhogg is a major is OoB glitch found by AKheon (1) to skip most of Mission 4 thanks to Skewer wall breach tactic. This skip was later optimized by puripuri_obasan. This is NG+ skip that is divided in 3 sequence.


  • AKheon shared the video and found out that there two major fight skips in this mission. (2)
  • puripuri-obasan optimized further by finding another spot to Skewer that resulted in skipping everything from start till finish.

Pyrobat Trigger

  • Breach the wall to V's left right at the start of the level using the Skewer
  • Double jump into Hanging, then air Checkmate to turn V towards the in-bounds area, then Gambit Don't Hang too close to the wall or else Griffon loses all speed.
  • Position V near the first fence post since it's a good visual clue. The cutscene trigger stretches out and covers the area right ahead even OoB, so you got to jump to the left in at least a 45 degree angle and go around it.
  • jump on top of the brick wall from next to the fence. From there, make your way to the right end of the brick wall. The fight trigger for 2nd fight is right behind the wall there, and you can hit it by either Hanging or doing the backwards dodge against the wall.
  • This also can be followed with the Pyrobat Skip

Warehouse Skewer

  • Breach the wall between red orb cache and steel irons with Skewer
  • The Jump can be finicky here due tot he blinking enviroment load. Make inital jump to the right angle into Griffon's Hanging to the left till cutscene trigger.
  • From the street lamp spot, carefully do Long Jump into 2 Checkmate to give V enough momentum before Hanging go through the second wall that has a ground platform.
  • Kill Pyrobat with Gambit to get in-bound again.

Nidhogg trigger

  • This suppose to be area of minor enemies clear so, shadow can aim Skewer properly. They aren't spawned due to the previous forced fight being unfinished. This case is similar to Mission 10 Skip
  • The spot for wall breach is Nidhogg Hatchling door. On the red orb cache's left.
  • Cling back to the wall to land at the OoB platform by jumping at the right angle then start running until steel bollard.
  • Adjust the camera then do long jump followed by full Hanging as soon as it ends Gambit to trigger the boss fight.

Video Demonstration

Credits to puripuri_obasan

Pyrobat Trigger demo

Warehouse demo

Nidhogg trigger demo