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University Skip

University Skip

University Skip is OoB glitch (1) made by Evgeniy Sergeevich to quickly reach Death Scissors room. Later on the skip got optimized by the community to reach Artemis instead. This skip avoids a bunch of fight sequence that saves around 2 minutes.


  • (2) Evgeniy Sergeevich shared the skip at YouTube with his PS4 recording method.
  • Community tinkered the Skip and made the extended version for it.
  • The original NG version for going straight to Artemis was done by Ceciliya. However, it requires one Punch Line loss.
  • Yamanaru further optimized the extended version using Air Hike → Air Taunt loop.
  • DMC5 Developers Reacted to this skip (3) and patched it in process with the new update and Special Edition release. At the same time, Scirvir found a version where it's possible to clip through with different ledge. (4)

Trick Requirements

To perform this trick correctly, you need the following:

  • Split
  • Air Hike
  • Punch Line

Trick Mechanics

University Skip exploits Split to reach OoB water by clipping through the ledge. Once Nero is stands on the Water:

  • Step 1: Walk over the edge of the wall then clip through by forward right jump Air Taunt into Air Hike → Air Taunt left.
  • Step 2: Re-adjust the camera before entering the sewers.
  • Step 3: Jump over the pipe with Air Hike then use Air Taunt to make sure that Nero lands on the platform instead of getting stuck.
  • Step 4: Reach the dead-end on the left side (The oppsite side of the Red Orb cache) by landing on the Qliphoth platform center-right first.
  • Step 5: Use Punch Line to clip through the wall on Nero's right then Launch → Air Hike → Air Taunt → Jet Gadget
  • Step 6: Hold straight until Punch Line flashes twice. Once that happens Launch → Air Hike → Air Taunt → Jet Gadget then immediately loop Air Hike → Air Taunt untill the cutscene triggers.

Other Notes

  • If you fail to reach Step 5 after Step 4 by either clipping to the wrong side or lack of height. You lose a Punch Line.
  • A good visual cue indication of making successful Step 5 is seeing Gerbera and the Orb caches. If you are high enough, you will load Artemis and could run around the room to trigger the cutscene.
  • Vergil doesn't necessarily have to use this skip since he can go through the levels abnormally fast due to his Trick Down movement.

Video Demonstration