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Nobody Warp

Nobody Warp

Nobody Warp is the a Skip performed using Skewer Wall breach. This is done after first mandatory fight as it allows V to jump into end of Mission 9 instantly which is Nobody fight.


  • Inspired by Akheon flambamamba fiddled with the Wall breach tech and decided to find something useful to skip most of Mission 9 sequence. (1)
  • Although, this created a lot of issues for many players where they had issues on landing the skip reliably.
  • Currently there are 3 specific approach being used. The original method with Orb cache cue. The pause visual cue by puripuri_obasan and triple Side Roll (Forced Move) by LonerHero.

Trick Requirements

To perform this trick correctly, you need the following:

  • PC runners should run the game at 120 FPS to make wall breaching more reliable.
  • Skewer

General Info

  • There are no fixed steps for this trick mechanics because the execution varies due to Shadow and V's movement after breaching through the wall. At the same time, the angle where shadow skewer's is the most important reference to take note of.
  • You cannot check V's jump height or momentum due to the stone covering up the whole screen.
  • The original method relies on using Gambit between the green and white orbs. Devil Hunter difficulty only shows the white orb cache, so all V have to do is aim to the right of that.
  • Son of Sparda and above disappears the reference above which means using the other two approach is ideal.
  • If V landed in stucked position after Gambit player will have to restart the checkpoint. Not even Nightmare Promotion can get him out of this.

LonerHero Method

  • Control shadow's position using grass as a reference with Forced Move
  • After wall breach, move V forward by one step then do a long jump to the left followed by 2 Checkmate
  • Immediately use Griffon Hanging to reposition V straight and Gambit as soon as the duration ends.
  • The varation of where V's land depends on his momentum from Checkmate after a long jump.

puripuri_obasan Method

  • Shadow must be close to V because of the spike's length.
  • The Air Taunt timing must be at the last seconds before spike comes out and Skewer must be aimed at the middle rock.
  • After wall breach, move until specific visual cue as referenced in the video before straight jump Checkmate twice into Hanging
  • Before Gambit pause the game to check the arena load for the visual cue. There are several varation of success and players must memorize or pick the one that they are comfortable with.
  • The Gambit must be used immediately after un-pausing. Because V's height can be too low and will get stuck in process. At the same time, this is still case by case.

Video Demonstration

LonerHero's Demo

puripuri_obasan Demo