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King Cerberus Warp

King Cerberus Warp

King Cerberus Warp is a major OoB glitch found by AKheon (1) The purpose of this skip is to warp at boss fight arena in Mission 16 after certain checkpoint. Currently, this skip is exclusive on the unpatched vanilla console release.


  • Similar case to Cavaliere Warp
  • 05/12/2019 AKheon found a setup from Hell Judecca area to Warp King Cerberus.
  • 07/12/2019 AKheon discovered another way to go OoB a bit earlier in the level, thus allowing skipping one more.

Version 1 Method

  • Ground Trick near the ceiling at the end of the area where you fight Death Scissors will clip you on top of the ceiling. If you aimed to the right side of the hanging “nodule”, Dante should zip up and from there down the side of the pillar, landing on some out of bounds floor.
  • If Dante gets stuck inside the nodule (which shouldn't happen unless your height is bad), you can get out with Cav Highside as long as you have a decent air momentum.
  • Move counter-clockwise around the pillar a bit and then just go down. This lets you bypass two fights and some navigation.
  • Sooner or later you have to phase back in bounds. As usual, Air Trick is good for this purpose. The rest of the level should work normally, although, there's sometimes a strange graphical oddity where the camera goes OoB during the King Cerberus intro.

Version 2 Method

  • After reaching the first checkpoint of the level, go to the passage across the pit. After reaching the next more open area, Dante is able to clip through the ceiling by using Ground Trick close enough to it. While you can clip through the ceiling from various points, doing it from the left is the best for reaching your next objective.
  • If you use a wrong route, it's possible to end up in an endless loading screen which softlocks the game. Just move carefully adjacent to the level like on the video demo and hit all necessary triggers on the way down.
  • Like Version 1, Air Trick generally allows Dante to return back in bounds. King Cerberus fight should work like normal from there.

Video Demonstration

King Cerberus Warp Version 2 by Akheon