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Cavaliere Warp

Cavaliere Warp

Cavaliere Warp is a major OoB glitch found by AKheon (1) The purpose of this skip is to warp at boss fight arena in Mission 11 after the first mandatory fight. Currently, this skip is exclusive on the unpatched vanilla console release.


  • AKheon shared the video YouTube exploring properties with Dante's Ground Trick which for someone reason clips through certain object. He played it on the unpatched PS4-version and assumes that this tactic only works on unpatched. (2)
  • This skip was not optimized and lacked a reliable setup. Because most of the time when attemping this OoB either the player get aforementioned weird effects and/or a game crash. It's possible that the crash is a memory-related thing.
  • 15/12/2019 AKheon found a reliable setup was found where Ground Trick keeps moving Dante up and forward.

Old Findings

  • Doing Ground Trick in air while parallel to certain ledges, Dante clips through the ledge or surrounding walls. There are 2 OoB spots in this Mission.
  • When you fall below the map and remain idle, Dante is soon teleported back to his last grounded location. However, if you jump further away from the map, the game ostensibly doesn't know where to take Dante. He instead becomes “stuck” indefinitely, as if endlessly falling against an invisible floor. Any attacks players will do during this process interrupt almost immediately.
  • It's possible to perform an uninterrupted attack by trying to shoot with E&I around the same time as you do the attack input. More precisely, it seems like you have to press 'shoot' just barely before doing the attack input.
  • Doing an uninterrupted attack makes Dante resume falling down, and he will do so at the speed of his current air attack momentum. He becomes warped back to his previous location as soon as he becomes idle again.
  • The only known way to move in a controlled way once “stuck” is to do the uninterrupted Ground Trick. This sends Dante up and forward a short length. The input is troublesome to do, though, since (again) it requires inputting 'shoot' around the same time as you do the normal input for Ground Trick. Dante goes back to normal once you return in bounds, effectively ending the glitch. (Could this be said to be a genuine “infinite jump” in this game?)
  • DMC5 has two different air momentums: one for Dante's general jump arc and one for air attacks. The latter only becomes worse after performing air attacks. Since Dante is hovering in air during this glitch, it's possible to keep doing air attacks indefinitely, in the process generating an extreme negative air attack momentum. This has some… “side effects”. The fastest known way to worsen your air attack is to hold down 'special' in RG mode, as seen on the reference video.
  • Rainstorm acts in a glitchy way if you start spamming it with extreme negative air attack momentum. You also get effects if you combine Rainstorm with other input, like trying to alternately do melee attacks. However, if player moved higher with Ground Trick and are close in-bound area, this behaviour gets removed.
  • Dante's coordinates can change momentarily to something else when doing Rainstorm with extreme negative air momentum. As can be seen on the video demo, Dante re-appears inside the building and touches floor although he shouldn't move horizontally at all while writhing in his “stuck” glitched state.
  • Dante coordinates might go awry during the glitch and he hits the area below the boss arena, causing him to respawn there.

Current Process

  • Clip OoB with Ground Trick at the ledge that appears after breaking the second root inside the large building. Both Dante's position and angle matter.
  • Align Dante slightly to the left with Sky Star and then continue doing Ground Trick. Dante will be pushed forward and up, as if doing Air Trick instead. And this can be repeated indefinitely.
  • With this strange infinite jump, attempt to steer towards the two “markers” in the distance since that's where the boss arena is. If you go astray, you can always fix trajectory with something like Rainstorm When you're close enough, the boss cutscene will begin and the fight starts as normal.

Video Demonstration

Cavaliere Warp by Akheon