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M13 Final Fight Skip

M13 Final Fight Skip

Mission 13 final fight has an OoB area glitch found by AKheon (1) for the level finale trigger. This skip is exclusive to the unpatched vanilla console release.


  • Similar case to Cavaliere Warp
  • TheScruffington & puripuri_obasan found a version with V that skips the Mission from start to finish which invalidates this approach unless the players are not willing to risk it.

General Info

  • Ground Trick at specific elevation to breach ceiling. You can breach the ceiling here from any direction, as long as you have the correct elevation.
  • The entire ceiling is slippery collision which will trap Dante, so quickly jump and start doing a long jump with Rainstorm Continue until you've gotten off the roof area, at least.
  • Once underneath the level, move a little towards the foreground and underneath the level. This should be enough to hit the level finale trigger. If not, Dante will respawn on the slippery collision and is probably going to get stuck there. Fortunately last checkpoint is not far away at all.