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Gargoyle/Blood Well Skip

Gargoyle/Blood Well Skip

This is skip where player can reach into Blood Well quicker by jumping into Gargoyle platform. This avoids the first encounter with Fury which saves massive amount of time. This skip is also developer intended since there is a bonus of clearing this mission without the usage of Nidhogg Hatchling

General Info

  • This trick doesn't require Air Hike because Dante's DT has built-in extra jump. Lv2 TS is required however to reach through higher platforms.
  • Vergil only needs to perform Long Jump → Stinger → Trick up → Stinger per platform. However, during the second Blood Well process he must kill Qliphoth Tentacle in order to not mess up the final sequence due to the Lock on.

Video Demonstration

Vergil - optimal gargoyle platform start by ByAkuma