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Cosmo Climb

Cosmo Climb

Cosmo Climb (1) is a trick made by DECosmic to quickly reach the door in the penultimate room of M21. This trick avoids a bunch of platforming that you would otherwise need to do, and therefore saves around 10-15 seconds if done correctly.


DECosmic used Yami's 100% SM12 note (2) from Bone Dragon to apply the same approach on Plasmas in M21.

Trick Requirements

To perform this trick correctly, you need the following:

  • Vortex Level 2
  • At Least 4 Runes of DT. (Though 5 or more is recommended)

Trick Mechanics

Cosmo Climb exploits Vortex Lvl 2's ability to override Dante's lock-on and keep Vortexing in the same direction once started as long as Dante has the required DT to keep the Vortex activated. To perform the trick here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Position Dante below one of the Plasma bats.
  • Step 2: Once positioned correctly, activate Devil Trigger, and take the Air Raid stance (after DT'ing, jump and press lock-on button).
  • Step 3: Activate Vortex (press the sword button). Dante should lock-on to the bat above you and vortex towards it. If you keep holding the sword button, Dante will pierce through the bat and keep moving upwards till it reaches the top.
  • Step 4: Once Dante is above the level of the last platform containing the exit door, readjust Dante's direction and Vortex towards this platform. Reaching this platform completes the Climb.

Other Notes

  • You absolutely need Vortex Lv2. It's impossible without it as Vortex Lvl 1 will force Dante to readjust his lock-on after Vortexing for a few seconds, which in turn will change Dante's trajectory and mess up the Climb
  • You can re-attempt the Climb as much as you want by re-entering the room in M21. However in SM12, you only have one or two shot.
  • You have to be beneath Plasma or the Bone Dragon to successfully get the climb. Bear in mind that M21 setup varies because of plasma positioning unlike the one in SM12.

This is the position where you could get the perfect climb in SM12