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Air Raid

Air Raid Tricks

Air Raid has only one trick which is getting into Flight state on the ground.

General Notes

When Aerial Heart is equipped players can do the following strategies:

  • Roll cancel into Air Raid : This is a must learn trick, especially for Lucia who uses Aerial Cross a lot. Dante only uses that for specific bosses unless it's New Game+ category. You can perform this by simply transforming into DT just after roll. Dante can also do this by cancelling Stinger animation with DT transformation.
  • Maintain Height : When you are in Air Raid state, you want to stop the character from descending itself. This can be done by holding X right after the transformation. If your character height is too high to reach against some enemies then hold O to descend.
  • Strafing : This more of a term that Lucia use a lot while performing quick kills. This is done by backing off from the enemy per hit after Aerial Cross.