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Kick Cancel

Kick Cancel

Kick Cancel is a trick where Dante cancels his Helm breaker follow-up from the double kick hits with Ebony and Ivory shots to repeat the same kicks sequence. The primary usage of this technique is to conserve some DT gauge in Mission 14 by activating the first sphere with this trick instead of Round Trip. It's also used to gain some height while trying to get out the elevator quickly at the end of Mission 7. This trick only works when there are targeted objects like spheres and enemies, otherwise Dante will just straight up lands immediately.

How to perform

  • This tricks requires Ebony and Ivory or Missile Launcher to be equipped.
  • The notation to perform is : Lock-On → Jump → Attack → Shoot → Attack → Shoot → …
  • The timing from the first kick loop is much more reliable than the Somersault.
  • You can buffer the cancel by holding the shoot button while pressing the Attack button in rhythm, but when you cancel the move in similar fashion to Jump Cancel it's faster. At the same time, it doesn't work every time because Dante loses height and drop a lot faster.
  • In the demo version, you don't have to cancel it with guns. You can only repeat Somersault loops in rhythm.

Video Demonstration

Normal Kick Cancels

Double Kick or Somersault Cancels