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Devil Shot

Devil Shot

Devil Shot is trick where CS'3 hitbox hits 2-3 enemies, if they are standing close to eachother. This allows some extremely fast room clears. A side from one Mission, it's unlikely that runners get these shots consistently in a run.

General Notes

There are 2 methods of doing Devil Shot:

  • 1) Snatch 2 enemies next to each other before CS.
  • 2) Stand at the middle between enemies before CS.

Method 1) is the most reliable because 2) depends on the room layout and situation during any waves.


  • Mission 3 & 5 - Torture Chamber : Can give you by chance against Scarecrows or Mephistos
  • Mission 6 - Angel Creation : Bianco Angelos if lucky
  • Mission 9 - Elevator II : Frost fight which has consistent setup thanks to Chrono Slicer mechanisms

Video Demonstration

1) Frost Demo I

2) Frost Demo II