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Before you consider speedrunning, you want to be quite familiar with the game, its mechanics and the mission layouts. It's not recommended to start after only one playthrough which can turn off so many people. Especially when it comes to difference between Vergil and Dante.

The most intimidating part when learning this run is the skips. They require multiple practice session with the pattern memorization. Enemies in this runs die in extreme fast pace as one mistake severely punishes the player. However, the players can always choose the No Major Glitches where skips are much easier to execute as they do not need to necessarily to aim for perfection until they are ready to break the barrier. It's important to get familiar with the Terminologies and safe methods that are used during the runs.

In the following sections, you will find important concepts and information that you may find useful for starting out with DmC Speedrunning.


At the moment, there are no tutorials avaliable but, refer to current record runs to make notes for the route and get familiar with the common skips for Dante or Vergil.

You don't need to necessarily to perfect skips, you can always restart to checkpoint, if things went wrong.

Resources to Speedrun DmC: Devil May Cry

  • A Keyboard or Controller. Most DMC speedrunners prefer controller, commonly Xbox or PlayStation controllers. In DmC, Controllers is ideal on Dante's Any% run due to the ease of Infinite Climb trick.
  • Timer / Split Program. The most common used is LiveSplit.
  • For PC runners, autosplitter and LRT is integrated into LiveSplit. This must be enabled.
  • Follow this page on how to set up a layout for your runs.

(PC) Binding "Devil Trigger" To One Gamepad Input

Players have had some trouble in the past on either rebinding the inputs. This is mostly because it feels awkward to them on playing the default layout. Runners modify this through DefaultInput.ini. This file is located in “Steam\steamapps\common\DmC Devil May Cry\DevilGame\Config”

These next two will unbind the dodge on the left bumper and “/X” and put the gunspecial on the left bumper, if you do not wish to do this then skip this.




This will bind DT to the Dpad Down button


Choosing a Category & Route

  • You can refer to the main categories here and make your choice.
  • The choice of the character is up to personal preference. There are no right answer for which is better for the beginners. Both characters reaches the same diffculity at certain barrier.
  • Starting with the fastest route is not always good idea, as these routes often require a high execution level and tend to be very punishing. Look around the category pages and pick carefully. However, in the end, it is all about overall improvement, which you can achieve via any route.

Tips & Tricks