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The purpose of downpatching DMC5 is to enable default LRT and more consistent version of University Skip. It is still possible with the recent update but, not very reliable as it requires different setup. For Consoles you can just delete Installed Game Data and stop using internet for the update. This only works for physical copy as digital copy will keep downloading the latest version.

Download these files and overwrite them in your installed folder ( If you don't know where it's installed you can right click the game on Steam —> Properties —> Local Files —> Browse ). Some advices:

  • Rename or back up the old .exe file in case you want switch back to Vergil.
  • This is the same for the re_chunk patch files 005, 006 and 007.
  • Turn off auto-updates when lauching the game. To do that, right click the game on Steam —> Properties —> Updates. You need “Always keep this game updated” on and NOT “Only update this game when I launch it”.

Steam Update History

  • 15/12/2020 Title Update 4 - Playable Character: Vergil
  • 01/04/2019 Title Update 3 - Bloody Palace