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Shadow Despawn

Shadow Despawn

Also known as Cat Despawn. This is the hardest trick in the game, where you could send Shadow OoB and fall low enough to kill without having to wait for it to explode.

How to perform

  • Make sure to break the lion with dante's fastest attack recovery such as Stinger or High Time.
  • Immediately start walking till you are under the part where there is shadow in the ground between the step and the tree. Shadow must land directly in line with that.
  • After you roll, quickly start shooting with DT. It's completely RNG whether the cat moves to its right into the wall and then OoB. You could try to move towards it which might help to increase the chance.

It's also possible to do it with shotgun, but the success rate of Ebony and Ivory is more reliable.

Video Demonstration

Despawn with Ebony and Ivory

Despawn with Shotgun