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Avatar 2023/05/20 16:54, 2023/05/20 16:55
I'm thinking of adding a few more details, like what strat has been used, whether pickups are different etc. in the future. Let me know if the current version of Best Segmented Times requires any other modifications.
Avatar 2023/05/20 19:26, 2023/09/03 19:04
If you look at how I did reference with 100% Category page for example. You can label with (1) then add footnote section to explain the details per strats.


For any future updates make sure to log new community gold updates here
Avatar 2024/02/23 12:00, 2024/02/23 16:38
Previous Gold:
- M3 1:33 by Muty
- M22 1:09 by coolkarmact

New Golds:
- M3 1:32 by xFi3RY
- M22 1:08 by Waifu
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