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Best Segmented Times

In this page, you can find the best IGT times achieved in each of the 23 missions in DMC1. This is meant to be a resource for folks who want to improve their times and want to learn the strategies to complete missions quickly. Barring RNG, it also acts as a Proof of Concept of how fast each mission can be pushed down to with the currently known strategies

Editors' Note

The times recorded below are the fastest ones for which a complete VOD was available. Actual IGT golds might be 1-2s faster in some cases. An asterisk besides the Mission Name would indicate that the true community IGT gold is actually faster than the accompanying video. For example, for M13, the actual IGT gold is 0:34, achieved by Out_With_A_Yang. However, due to a lack of availability of that VOD, we have resorted to the previous IGT gold of 0:35, by Slickford.

To compile the list we followed this process:

  • Step 1 - We went through the current and past PBs of all the WR holders of this game from the past 2 years. Most of the VODs that you will find in this list are taken from there.
  • Step 2 - Some folks had saved their IGT gold VODs separately. In case we couldn't find the VOD from the WRs as mentioned in Step 1, we used the separate VODs.
  • Step 3 - In case we couldn't find the community IGT gold after both step 1 and 2, we (Loner and the editors) decided to keep the next best possible time as explained in the original note

We have tried to represent each and every WR holder of this game since the RTA switch. Also, want to clarify that for some missions, many folks might have the best segmented time that has been documented. However, the VOD shown below was the only one that we could find.


Mission Time Runner VoD
Mission 1 2:20 Slickford
Mission 2 1:44 Out_With_A_Yang
Mission 3 1:32 xFi3RY
Mission 4 1:08 Out_With_A_Yang
Mission 5 0:45 Out_with_a_Yang
Mission 6 1:00 DizzySplits
Mission 7 1:03 Slickford
Mission 8 0:59 Slickford
Mission 9 2:02 xFi3RY
Mission 10 1:03 Muty
Mission 11 1:12 coolkarmact
Mission 12 1:16 Out_With_A_Yang
Mission 13* 0:35 Slickford
Mission 14 1:10 Out_with_a_Yang
Mission 15 1:53 Out_with_a_Yang
Mission 16 2:20 Slickford
Mission 17 2:25 Out_with_a_Yang
Mission 18 2:07 Out_with_a_Yang
Mission 19 1:46 Out_With_A_Yang
Mission 20 0:42 Waifu
Mission 21 1:51 Out_With_A_Yang
Mission 22 1:08 Waifu
Mission 23 2:04 Slickford