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Marathon Runs

Sorted by the oldest run to newest

Player Category Event Language VoD
Aphox Any% Heaven or Hell ESA 15 Purple ENG - UK
JJToro NG NMG Human Reddit May Cry Charity Stream IV ENG - US
Mekarazium NG+ NMG Dante Must Die ESATogether2020 ENG - US
Bulkich Dante + Vergil NG Nephilim RUSC-a-Thon 2019 RU
JJToro NG Any% Human Thunderthon: HallowSpeed ENG - US
Bulkich Vergil's Downfall NG Human RUSC-a-THON: BE RU
Bulkich Vergil's Downfall NG Human RUSC-a-Thon 2020 RU
Bulkich Vergil's Downfall NG+ Human RUSC-a-Thon 2022 RU