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To submit your run See SRC Board. This board only focuses on DMC2 runs including the points that can are gained per runner. The overall PTS standings can be found here


Devil May Cry 2 started out with few players that had very little knowledge at the game until DECosmic and LonerHero joined the DMCSpeedrun community. This was when Devil May Cry 5 was announced and both players revisited the series as they got more curious about the speedrun scene.

The routes were constantly changing due to the new strategies that kept developing. DarkLordGonzo was in charge of developing Dante's route while lxndr was optimizing Lucia instead.

After LonerHero achieved 49:27, Radge who held the Recrod back in 2016 with an Emulator returned and beaten both record holders of New Game Dante and Lucia. His research emphasised that there was misconception about the game system, which both LonerHero and DECosmic believed that all three swords had barely any difference in damage. Therefore, Radge supplied pastebin information which helped both runners to understand the game better.

Furthermore, LonerHero bought Devil May Cry 2 Official Complete Guide Book that is licensed from both Capcom and Sony themselves. Because he wanted to learn more about the game's system. As a result, runners learned more about the Style and Orb Formulas as Dante's route once again got updated.

Radge runs left huge impact to DMC2 community and made LonerHero believe that this game has yet to be fully optimized. Because it's possible for Dante and Lucia to push beyond their current record time.

Devil May Cry 2 Leaderboard went through following changes :

  • 07/24/2019 New Game+ difficulties became variables. Because, there was too much redundancy in them.
  • 06/24/2020 A skip that was found in Timer Mission saves massive amount of time. This is only available on the PS2 port. Unfortunately, PS2 hardware can not beat the current PC WR and overtake emulator runs. As a result, the Emulator runs are moved to a miscellaneous category.

Marathon Runs

Sorted by the oldest run to newest

Player Category Event Language VoD
LonerHero NG Dante Reddit May Cry Charity Stream II ENG - US
LonerHero NG Dante Reddit May Cry Charity Stream IV ENG - US
LonerHero NG Dante Thunderthon: HallowSpeed ENG - US
LonerHero NG Dante ESA Winter 2021 ENG - US
LonerHero NG Lucia UKSG Autumn 2021 ENG - US

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