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Flame Skip

Flame Skip

Flame Skip is the last quick platforming sequence performed in No Major Glitches. It allows Dante to end and skip the entire fights of Mission 17.

General Info

  • This skip has two parts. In New Game, this skip requires at least 1 Large Devil Star and fair amount of vital stars to withstand the Flames.
  • Part One - Before you Demon Pull JC loop the Frost Knight. Ensure that you hit it with Reb 3 times. This because the Angel Hook marker won't be active until you kill the knights. Therefore, once you are close enough to the marker immediately kill the knight with Eryx Stomp then use the Angel Hook.
  • Part Two - you must use Angel Evade to land on the platform. Wait out on the Flames for a bit instead of taking full damage.
  • You can always restart the checkpoint to re-do Part One Skip.

Video Demonstration