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Before you consider speedrunning, you want to be quite familiar with the game, its mechanics and the mission layouts. It's not recommended to start after only one playthrough which can turn off so many people. Especially when it comes to specific movement like the Rapid Fire Cancel. The excessive resets can be one big issue for most players, in which can be difficult to play with time pressure on them.

One suggestion that might help you getting used to speedruns more quickly: Do not aim for the perfect route and ranks until you reach the breaking barrier. Make back up strats. You should also be familiar with yourself on DMC Terminologies that are used during the runs.

In the following sections, you will find important concepts and information that you may find useful for starting out with DMC2 Speedrunning.


Refer to DMC2 main page for general tricks being used along with tutorials here:

Resources to Speedrun Devil May Cry 2

  • A Keyboard or Controller. Most DMC speedrunners prefer controller, commonly Xbox or PlayStation controllers. Controllers in DMC make the game more reliable movement wise, but it is up to the player in the end. At high-level play, a mix of both your controller and keyboard might be favourable.
  • Timer / Split Program. The most common used is LiveSplit.
  • For PC runners, autosplitter is integrated into LiveSplit. This should be enabled.
  • Follow this page on how to set up a layout for your runs.

Choosing a Category & Route

  • You can refer to the main categories here and make your choice.
  • The choice of the character is up to personal preference, but generally, for beginners, it is advised to try Lucia first unless you really like to play Dante.
  • Starting with the fastest route is not always good idea, as these routes often require a high execution level and tend to be very punishing. Look around the category pages and pick carefully. However, in the end, it is all about overall improvement, which you can achieve via any route.

Tips & Tricks

  • It's very easy to get random wall runs during movement section with Dante, you can avoid it by basing your forward rolls with timing instead of mashing. This so you can adjust character's position better.
  • Lucia movement is where many runners would get worried about, but it's mostly because of early missions. Planning the movement on how you perform for each room makes it a lot easier for you to improve and learn much more efficiently.
  • There are no pre-made savefiles for this game. It is much more convenient to create your own. Everyone has their method of practising as it will help you go through your route quicker.
  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions for general information regarding the speedrun.