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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the fastest way to move ?

From fastest to slowest, the means of movement are ranked as follows :

  • Majin DT Run Dante Only
  • Quick Heart Run
  • Quick Heart Front Roll Dante / Trish
  • DT Run
  • Rapid Fire Cancel Lucia Only
  • Front Roll Dante / Trish

Don't you just upgrade guns and DT shoot the whole time ?

No, this joke is also unfunny. Get over with it.

What is the best PS2 Region to run ?

PAL - Mainly because of defects on Swords damage and Offence Heart in NTSC.

Although, it still may have potential because of how Quick Heart works and the fact that Dante can use Laevateinn and Dooms Day continuously. This is also the same for Lucia Divine Anger.

How necessary is to do 10× Bonus Orb mechanic ?

It's not necessary until you reach 45:xx meta with Dante. The main purpose of that route is to have enough currency to afford extra devil star that you can use it against Plutonian. Lucia never uses that in her run because she fight enemies a lot less than Dante.

She also doesn't have a wave that is similar to Mission 7 Dante in Auto-Scroller train room.

Why are the Boss Strategies purely focused on New Game ?

Because New Game+ is completely trivialized regardless of the difficulty. That's why Trish doesn't have any particular approach aside from a choice between using Light Rays or Round Trip II.

There is a way to access New Game DMD without resource. Why is that not a category ?

Because, it's not the way that the game intends you to play it. In DMC1, you have a choice to select difficulty after you pick New Game in the Main Menu.

DMC2 does not have this option.

Why we dont use the Super Costumes on New Game+ ?

Cheat code, so it's not actually a super costume. This code is exclusive to PAL. In HD Collection, language settings must be changed to European country in order to use the Infinite DT code.