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Cancels in DMC5 are hardly used other than SDT Vergil or DT Nero who have a lot of usage in combat.

  • Nero Similar to DMC4 Cancel DT to to cancel any move except for Snatch and Buster, no matter the situation.
  • Dante uses Coyote-A cancels with RG or Barlog Light Blow in some cycles. In NG+ Faustless he can use Quadruple S to enhance some of his boss fights.
  • V Gambit into Hanging is his main movement tool until Quickplay is bought from the shop.
  • Vergil uses moves like Upper Slash to make JJC execution more reliable. Also abuses SDT transformation cancel to utilize speed and Rapid Slash cancels by going back to Human form after few seconds. For example Mission 2 Skip

Jump Canceling

JC is part of the upgrade shop and it costs heavy proud soul to obtain.

  • Nero needs this the most so, he can quick kill enemies more efficiently.
  • Dante also has similar case of maintaining height during Cav usage but this is more of NG+ scenario.

DT Cancel

DT Cancel allows Nero to cancel the recovery off the move, get some free i-frames, or recover from getting hit.

  • DT Cancel usage entirely depends on the situation so, players use it whenever they think think it's worth it.
  • It's a free get out of jail card and usually lifesaver against fights like Agnus and Dante.

Video Demonstration