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Cancels in DmC has a lot less usage in combat than movement. Although, there is SC application that is similar to DMC3's Weapon Switching.

  • Dante can cancel the follow up of the 2 strike pause (Reb) into any of the Demon or Angel mode moves such as Buy In or Trinity Smash.
  • Vergil has something similar with Trick Up / Trick Down to cancel most of his startup moves.

Training mode identifies these specific cancels as Quick. Meaning, this is Quick Trinity Smash

Some moves that are done out of Rapid Slash are its own animation despite being the same move.

Jump Canceling

Since DMC4, JC became part of the upgrade shop and it costs 1 ability point to obtain. This is one of the main aspects for Dante's run. Because, some of his skips involves around doing Demon Pull loops to reach at certain platforms. Additionally, he could utilize moves like Stomp to deal more damage that depends on the height.

DmC JC window is more open than it's previous title which gives the player so much space to cancel instead of doing certain rhythm.


Angel Boost is an important tool for both characters. Dante acquires this in Mission 3 while Vergil already has it available from the start. Though, there are distinct difference on how they cancel and move:

  • Dante cuts the recovery animation with Angel Evade into Jump to do another straight away. His Stinger movement is only used when there is flat surface.
  • Definitve Edition has Triple Angel Evade and can only be cancelled during the second evade.
  • Vergil is limited with Jump only. His Tricks pervents him to do smoother jump which is why Rapid Slash → Trick is his main form of movement. However, on flat surface it's better to use plink dash with Atomic or Flare cancels.
  • Keep in mind that with the original game, plink dash does not work well on an incline surfaces because of the unlocked FPS.
  • Another thing to note that Trick Up and Trick Down work a lot like Angel Evades. They are a sequence that can be chained together and not just individual abilities. For Example, when Trick Up is immediately followed by Trick Down, the player is performing a built-in sequence of events not unlike Angel Evade which is Regular Evade → Angel Evade. Therefore, this is a good knowledge not just for the movement but for cancelling teleport recovery as a whole. When the player gets proficient at it, tricks will have no recovery ever.

Dante's Movement

Vergil's Movement

Definitive Edition Angel Evades

Vergil's Plink Dash with Atomic cancels