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Vergil (DmC)

Vergil's Downfall is the shortest speedrun in the series. Because, it revolve around movement more than the combat itself. In Definitive Edtion, developers wanted to balance those out without making changes that would be disruptive to strategies.

This page includes information on the character.


  • His runs doesn't change between Original and Definitive Edition.
  • Nearly all of his Missions has skips.
  • Yam is his only weapon.
  • Much like Dante's Demon Evade, Atomic is heavily exploited.
  • Hollow Vergil is the sole boss of Vergil's content.
  • In No Major Glitches Vergil skip focuses on utilizing Trick Up and Killer Bee to avoid triggers such as cutscene and wave fights.

Changes to the original game

  • Tweaked Rising Star and Solar Flare hit timings, and added a 3rd strike at the peak.
  • Nerfed damage and style on Volcano when full charged, and just released.
  • Adjusted hover windows on aerial attacks.
  • Damage of Spiral Swords and Blistering Swords slightly reduced.
  • Reduced the number of hits Spiral Swords can take before they break.
  • Parry Windows are slightly shorter.

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