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Dante (DmC)

Dante runs are longer and more complex, including numerous tricks and glitches. There wasn't too much change with him in Definitive Edition - just a few balances based on developers seeing players play. There are some bugs they intentionally left like double charge shot because they found it interesting. Therefore, there's merit in embracing these kind of 'tricks' players find to get cool techs out.

This page includes information on the character.


  • His runs varies between Original and Definitive Edition. This due to Samurai DLC and tricks that are being used in Any% such as Infinite climb exploits.
  • Every DevilArms are used. FireArms are not.
  • Demon Evade is heavily exploited.
  • All of his No Major Glitches skip works for both releases of the game. His Any% skips however varies for each mission.
  • A lot of his movement trick depends on how well you can grab Angel or Demon Markers to skip certain platforms and such

Changes to the original game

  • Dante's Angel Evade can now be upgraded to a triple 'TS' evade, with the final dash having a longer vulnerable pause at the end.
  • Demon Evade gives less style and damage boost (1/2 what it used to be). Additionally, it grants speed boost now and has the perfect window frame reduced slightly. However, the buffs are cancelled if the player got hit.
  • Parry Windows are slightly shorter.
  • Osiris Feed is activated faster, and remains active a bit longer when not used; but its damage buff is slightly reduced.
  • Aquila Round Trip stun times reduced.
  • E&I can fire more shorts before you suffer repetition in the Style Rank System (300% more shots).
  • Firing rate of Rainstorm/Inverse Rainstorm has increased (however, DPS remains the same - this change is cosmetic due to the community mod they liked).
  • Increased fire rate of Kablooey.
  • Fixed infinite climb exploits (Angel Lift + Stomp, and Angel Lift + Jump)
  • Big Slick jump breakout glitch fixed
  • Fixed glitch where Inverse Rainstorm would auto cancel if performed after an evade

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