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Reverse Stinger

Reverse Stinger

Reversal is changing the character's direction to somewhere else other than the targeted enemy. While it doesn't seem like much, it plays important part in mid-late game. Where you'd want to ignore a room full of enemies. Some moves have different lock-on rules, combined with turn-rate means you can't reverse them with one method but can with another method.

General Notes

There are 3 methods of doing reversals:

  • 1) Do a move > buffer the inputs for the next move > let go of Lock-on and move analog into desired direction
  • 2) Do a move into the desired direction > buffer the inputs for the next move > let go of Lock-on
  • 3) Face the desired direction > do the melee and analog inputs for the move

Method 3) is what the Reverse Stinger used for as well as M9 Zip in higher difficulties It's possible to hold the Lock-on, but the inputs must be almost simultaneous. This method can be also used to reverse aerial style attacks that don't require Lock-on, yet it will always aim at the enemy.

It's very important to note that the third method requires melee come out quickly before the character turns into enemy.

Video Demonstration

2) Reverse Rising Sun

3) Reverse Release