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DT Human Cycle

DT Human Cycle

DT Human Cycle is a trick that allows character to switch from Human combo transition to DT without costing additional DT gauge. Before game's full release, this trick was very abusable in the demo version that causes dante to gain a lot of DT from the million stab itself.


There are several applications to it that Dante and Lucia can apply:

  • Dante utilize this a lot with million stab, because when he goes back to human form during stab duration, it does not drain DT at all. Extremely useful against bosses like Furiataurus.
  • Lucia uses this to apply DT damage with her kick hits and Wheel kick from Mission 1 till 4. After that, Aerial Cross just takes over everything.

Video Demonstration

Example of DT Human Cycle usage with Dante

DT Gain that got changed in the final release