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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Human is the preferred difficulty ?

DmC and DMC5 are the only games that breaks the tradition of Normal difficulty being the main category. Devil Hunter does not change the AI nor the spawns like DMC1. All it does is increase health of everything. Therefore, community came into conclusion that Human simply has better pacing and strategies for this run overall.

What's the best version to run ?

Both are basically the same run but Special Edition is better mainly because of Hardware performance and Turbo mode. Vanilla is still fine and has its own exclusive skips. Some are tied to consoles only.

DMD is only accessible in NG+ ?

Yes, the game only allows you to play Human, Devil Hunter or Legendary Dark Knight from a fresh file.

How do I quickly reset in this game ?

  • For PC, make a back-up of <Steam-folder>\userdata\<user-id>\601150\remote\win64_save then replace the one that game access it every time.
  • Each console varies which usually involves deleting/replacing save files through USB Flash Drives but in Special Edition with PS5 you can create an account of “Play As a One-Time Guest” which has its own save and automatically gets removed when you log out.

Are the V skips RNG ?

No, V Skips are consistent as he can control shadow's position with a Side Roll. The struggle usually comes from the timing of the Air Taunt especially the ones that requires him to stand on the Shadow's Skewer.

OBS shows encoding overload when I turn off the V-Sync for more FPS

This because your graphics card is trying to get as many frames as possible so, you need to cap the FPS to 120 externally with methods like NVIDIA Control Panel or Rivatuner

Is there a way to make shadow instantly teleports to the enemy ? Whenever I change the lock-on ?

If you whiff a claw swipe far away from an enemy you're locked onto, and he's far enough, shadow next action is to teleport.

What are the most common Devil Breakers used as Nero ?

What weapons do you use as Dante ?

  • Mostly Balrog as it has fast and good damage with Ignition until Cav is obtained.
  • DSD mostly shines in NG+ Faustless with moves like Overdrive
  • Dr. Faust pretty much trivializes majority of the demanding waves.
  • SM is the most used style for damage on demand like RI or Cav's Combo B
  • Cav with DSD Sword Formation is the main reason why weapons like Cerb is hardly used ever.
  • RG is slightly buffed in this game but mostly used as a setup against bosses like Cavaliere Angelo or Vergil. This is the same with SDT usage as well.

I am very confused about Chained Judgement Cut. How does that even work ?

There's two types of multiple Judgement Cut :

  • Regular multiple Judgement Cut - Basically after doing a Judgement Cut, you can hold the melee button down again to start charging another, which if you release at the right time, will allow Vergil to chain more. The follow ups have to be perfectly timed though so it is a bit tight in the execution (3 frame window on ground, 4 frames in air apparently). You can chain 3 JJC in a row before the game forces you to stop and Vergil will say “Jackpot”.
  • Infinite Judgement Cut - When doing the regular multi Judgement Cut, You can splice in an Trick Up or Trick Down and reset your multi Judgement Cut as long as you don't do the Jackpot JJC. As an example of how to do it: Do a Judgment Cut (any kind), do the follow up Judgement Cut and hold again, Trick Up or Trick Down and release Melee to Judgment Cut the moment right after you press Trick then you can do follow up Judgement Cut again, rinse and repeat with Down Trick as many times as possible.
Keep in mind that Vergil is faster in SDT which changes the timing.

I play 120 FPS on PS5. What do I go for against Cavaliere Angelo in Devil Hunter ?

Because you can't switch FPS in-game quickly. You have to opt for Hell on Earth → Heavy Rain Blades loop after Void Slash Guard break.