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Shotgun Cancel

Shotgun Cancel

Shotgun Cancel is a simple trick that gets a lot of mileage. It cancels the shotgun recoil as spamming it is one of the quickest forms of DPS in Dante's Early Game. This trick is available right after the end of Mission 4.

This trick has additional benefits where, you can enter specific DT transform animation that gives good amount of iframes. See Jump Cancel.

How to perform

  • To perform Shotgun cancel you Shoot then press gun switch to cancel the recoil by performing Ebony and Ivory shots then switch back to Shotgun to repeat the process. The better your timing is, the faster dps is.
  • You can hold down shoot button while only timing the gun switch, but this is much slower than tapping.
  • This Technique hinders it's effectiveness if you have more fire arms in your inventory. E.g: If you have missile launcher then you have to tap gun switch twice.