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DT Flash

DT Flash

DT Flash is a trick where you manipluate the game for more DT Runes gain. For example: In human form, if you hit an enemy with a charged shot then, you will get restore more DT Runes. Therefore, You are making the game think that you did charged shot by making Dante in human form after DT shot before the bullet connects to an enemy. It is exactly what makes Grenadegun the best FireArm in the game.

How to perform

  • Make distance between yourself and the enemy.
  • Transform into DT and make Grenadegun shot.
  • Right after the shot, go back to human form before it connects to the enemy.


  • M9 Forest fight. You can virtually never run out of DT and keep firing DT'ed grenades at the puppets and Fetishes to kill them quickly
  • M14 last red orb door. Vortex towards the last red orb door, and perform a DT flash to restore all your DT for the Vortex at the beginning of M15.
  • M17 before entering the Quicksilver room. Perform a DT flash on the spawned puppet to restore your DT.
  • M21 in each of the Nobody fights. Each nobody can be started off with DT flash just after Air Raiding them to their smaller forms. Restores your DT and helps in finishing the fight quickly.
  • M23 in the double Nobody room. This is perhaps the tightest DT flash in the game due to the small distance between Dante and the 2nd Nobody. Performing a flash correctly here would completely replenish your DT here itself(you would have 7 runes after this) and you can therefore skip rebuilding it in the cathedral.