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Quick Ifrit

Quick Ifrit

Quick Ifrit is a trick where you can grab Ifrit without activating the puzzle mechanics.

General Notes

  • There are 3 ways of performing this: Air Hike, Air Raid, Ebony and Ivory.
  • Usually, left side is the most ideal because of Devil Star pick up.
  • It's possible to perform it without Air Hike in Low% with Ebony and Ivory (1), but it's difficult because of the camera adjustment.
  • For Zetta's method (2), You can be a lot safer with the second part by referring to the Ebony and Ivory (3) method for the first part of the skip to save some DT Runes before Air Raid.
  • Ebony and Ivory (4) method is only worth it if, you can't afford air raid.

Video Demonstration

Standard Method (5)
Zetta (6)
Ebony and Ivory Method (7)
Low% Method (8)


1), 3), 4), 7) This method can be done without Air Hike for Low%, but its very hard to get into wall hike part on the pillar to adjust your positioning.
2), 6) If you can't afford Air Hike, you could use this method that Zetta normally uses in his run. Although, you have to be wary of your DT Runes to not run out.

5) Requires Air Hike and Air Raid, if your route went well. This is the most common one that is used across all the runs.
8) Common method for Low%. You can easily fall down if you move forward too much after the wall hike.