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General Information

Devil May Cry 5 has no balance changes changes from Vanilla to Special Edition. However, the game's performance is significantly better because Special Edition is specifically made for PS5/Xbox Series console:

  • The load times are much faster than the original game. Original game loads are case by case for each Hardware.
  • Contains all DLC (Excluding currency and blue orb) and Vergil as playable character.
  • Turbo mode and Legendary Dark Knight difficulty are exclusive to Special Edition.
  • University Skip on Mission 3 is patched.
  • 120 FPS on Consoles for the first time ever.
  • Ray-traced reflections.

Impact on Stylish Ranks

DMC5 uses Stylish Point to rank up from 7 stages: (1)

  • Style Point increases when attacking an enemy, but for a certain period of time it will not increase with the same attack.
  • If multiple enemies are attacked at the same time, the amount of Style Point increases less after the second enemy.
  • Style Point decreases when enemies is not attacked at a certain period.
  • When a certain amount of Style Point is accumulated, the Stylish Rank increases by one level.
  • Taking damage from the enemies will reduce the current Style rank by 2.

How combo ranks change
Rank Style Point Amount
None 400
Action excluding attack that are related to Style Point
Action Style Point DT gain
Enemy Step 150 350
Just Dodge 150 ~ 300 350 ~ 700
Parry 300 ~ 500 500 ~ 1000
Enemy bounce 400 1000
Guard Break 500 800

Difficulty differences

The differences starts from Son of Sparda where:

  • Enemy attack power, attack frequency, and reaction speed are increased. All of them are compensated according to the difficulty and reach the upper limit in MUST DIE.
  • The types of enemies that appear change, and in DEVIL HUNTER, enemies that first appear in the latter half of the game appear earlier.
  • Enemies use new attacks that are dedicated to high difficulty content.
  • In MUST DIE, a cornered enemy activates the DT, which increases their abilities.
  • Damage delt to the enemies changes Son of Sparda = x0.75 | MUST DIE = x0.5 (2)

Mission Revival

DMC5 introduces two types of resurrection: Gold Orb and Red Orbs (3)

  • Gold Orbs - The standard DMC full revive
  • Red Orbs - New mechanic, the amount will be based on the cost of Red Orbs selected which is changed depending on difficulty and number of times revived

There are 4 types of resurrection methods
Type Effect
Red Orb 1 HP and DT gauge goes to 3 bars, 1 Devil Breakers is replenished
Red Orb 2 HP goes to 10 bars, DT gauge goes 3 bars, 3 Devil Breakers are replenished
Red Orb 3 Full restore to HP and DT gauges are restored. Full Devil Breakers replenish. Surrounding enemies' HP is halved.
Gold Orb Full restore to HP and DT gauges are restored. Full Devil Breakers replenish.

Changes in Red Orbs and Gold Orbs based on difficulty

Human / Devil Hunter
Red Orb state Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
1st Buy 1,500 7,500 13,500
2nd Buy 3,000 15,000 27,000
3rd Buy 7,500 37,500 67,500
1st purchase 1,000. Increases by 1,000 each time but only up to 5,000. Up to 3 purchases
Son of Sparda
Red Orb state Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
1st Buy 3,500 17,500 31,500
2nd Buy 7,000 35,000 63,000
3rd Buy 22,500 112,500 202,500
After 5,000 increases 1,500, but only up to 20,000. Can purchase 5 times.
Red Orb state Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
1st Buy 10,000 50,000 90,000
2nd Buy 20,000 100,000 180,000
3rd Buy 65,000 325,000 585,000
After 20,000 increases 2,500, but only up to 50,000. No purchase limit.

Devil Trigger

Like every DMC games, DT is an essential part of characters arsenal, mostly because it's a universal part of their abilities. You can use it at anytime, and DT enhancements are unique for each characters. Damage is reduced drastically during in DT mode, and enemy attacks that cause a Regular hit stun no longer affect the characters in DT mode. Although, the DT drain varies. (4)

Bonus and Penalty Multipliers
Characters DT drain rate DT drain rate [Trigger Heart]
Nero 13.5 7.5
Dante 8.5 5.5
V 2 1.2
Vergil - -

Super-Costumes offers some changes in gameplay not just the usual the 0-vitality recovery, infinite DT and apperances. It also adds character ability of recovering DT-Gauge while in human which no other game did that. Each character also receives their own unique ability upgrade.
  • Super NeroMaximum Bet | Showdown still consumes and Showdown consume the gauge as normal. Red Queen is in a permanent state of maximum Exceed and Blue Rose is automatically Colored Up on reload.
  • Super Dante – Rush attacks Stinger etc. and Cav Combo A in DT, RG and SDT Accumulate consume the gauge as normal. SDT gauge behaves as normal. RG automatically refills over time. Swords Formation and Balrog's Ignition stay on infinitely. Cav is always in Overtop Gear
  • Super VDT isn't depleted by summoning Nightmare and using its attacks or by activating Griffon and Shadow's DT, however, using Royal Fork and getting hit during Promotion consume the gauge as normal. Orb drop rate from Green Gainer and White Gainer is decreased.
  • Super Vergil – Summoned Swords abilities and SDT Accumulate consume the gauge as normal. SDT doesn't recover vitality, otherwise the SDT gauge behaves as normal. Concentration is depleted as normal, but quickly refills automatically.

Bloody Palace

Bloody Palace is similar to DMC4 which has a count down timer during the battle. If the timer reaches zero, the game is over. Defeating enemies adds a small amount of time to the timer. Timer bonuses are also gained for clearing a stage while suffering no damage and by killing enemies when the Stylish rank is high. Bosses appear in Stages 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100. Stage 101 is a battle against Vergil.

  • It's possible to stop current progress by selecting “SUSPEND” from the pause menu when there are no enemies.
  • There is a bonus of red orbs for every 10 stages.
  • In Nero's case, the Devil Breaker can be replenished after the start and at Stage 10.

Red Orb Bonuses

Stage Red Orb
10 5,000
20 50,000
30 10,000
40 60,000
50 20,000
Stage Red Orb
60 80,000
70 30,000
80 90,000
90 100,000
100 110,000

Bloody Palace has a floor practice feature which is known as “WARMING UP” It should be noted that you cannot gain any Red Orbs while that feature is enabled. That feature also allows usage of Dr. Faust without losing any Red Orbs. (5)

Other timer bonus
Condition Addition Time
Normal Stage Clear 1~19 Floor 21 and onward 1.5s 10s
Boss Stage Clear 60s
Bloody Palace starts 120s
Boss Floor starts 180s
Final Floor starts 300s


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